the perfect capuccino to start he day

Cazuela in Cartagena and goat in Guajira


Colombian cuisine, following in the footsteps of its Peruvian and Brazilian neighbours, is starting to come into its own in the wake of the country’s current tourism boom. Anna Maria Espsäter takes an exploratory coastal food trip.

Curry and chocolate

Last year's National Curry Week winners

From 13-19 October it is National Curry Week. But it is also Chocolate Week. How can two food promotions not pick alternative weeks?

Or is it that fusion cookery has reached new heights?

Getting kids to eat food on holidays

a full British breakfast

Survey results from Villa Plus say that almost half of Brits who have travelled abroad with children encourage them to try the local cuisine. Is this true?

Taste Portugal – Portuguese gastronomy in London

cheese and figs served Portuguese style

The next six months will see the cuisine of Portugal take over London with a series of exciting events, starting on the 13th of October.

Houghton Feast

This year's logo for the Houghton Feast

Coming up this weekend is the beginning of the Houghton Feast – an event that is probably one of the longest running in the world as it goes back to the twelfth century.

Indian desserts


Being rather fond of Indian food, I confess that I can only think of one occasion when I have managed to eat the main course and ask for a pudding, Usually, the main is so filling that anything more would be gluttony.

June food fests

Halifax foodfest last year; this year its even bigger

Sunny weather is forecast for most of us this weekend which is just as well considering that two of the best food events are happening and that both are outdoors.


colorful new Portland pub

Beervana is the name used by the tourist board in the US state of Oregon  to describe it’s biggest city, Portland, because it has 55 breweries within its limits. Or it did have. A few more are opening. Baerlic Brewery & Taproom has opened in  [...]

Just about Food visits Mount Athos

wines from Halkidiki

With its 100 sandy beaches, its lovely landscapes, its mythical monasteries and its gastronomic tradition, Anneck says that Halkidiki deserves to be more than a name on a map!