so many rums to try!

Grenada: Sea, sugar cane and spice


Lynn Houghton visits Grenada to check out the 4th Annual Rum and Beer Festival and falls in love with Caribbean cooking and BBs Crabback in the process.

Eating Welsh cakes


They plan to put Bala – up in Snowdonia – into the Guinness Book of Records by cooking the largest Welsh cake in the world.

Wasted food

buying loose is better

All over the media this morning is the announcement by Tesco about how much food is thrown away – 28,500 tonnes in the first six months of this year alone.

Anyone for tea?


Last Thursday, 13th March marks 250 years since the birth of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey who lends his name to the Earl Grey tea. There’s the traditional version celebrated at Grey’s home and a Jamaican one – at Sandals

National Chocolate Week

Chocolate Delight

This is National Chocolate Week. Not that you’d know it in our household as every week seems to be that. From chocolate cakes to bars of the stuff, chocolate tea and the downright old-fashioned drinking chocolate, we seem to have lots of the stuff. Well  [...]

Indian desserts


Being rather fond of Indian food, I confess that I can only think of one occasion when I have managed to eat the main course and ask for a pudding, Usually, the main is so filling that anything more would be gluttony.

June food fests

Halifax foodfest last year; this year its even bigger

Sunny weather is forecast for most of us this weekend which is just as well considering that two of the best food events are happening and that both are outdoors.

Guernsey’s Tennerfest

La Jaonnet Bay, one of the prettiest places to consider which food to try next

Just over a week ago, Guernsey began its 15th annual Tennerfest, which will see restaurants in Guernsey and its sister island Sark offer all inclusive menus starting from £10, with savings of almost 50%.

The World Food Festival

the crowds at a previous event

We are used to food festivals lasting the weekend or sometimes a week but five? Welcome to the World food Festival being held in Rotterdam from tomorrow.